The Institute of the Brothers of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a lay congregation of the Diocesan Right founded in 1952 at Lodonga in Arua Diocese by Bishop John Baptist Casana. The General Aim of the congregation is to promote glory of God and of Mary. The members take the simple vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience. The specific aim of the congregation is to enable Christians and non Christians share in the fruits of redemption with preference to Christian formation of the youth.

CHARISM:           To live, follow and imitate Christ as Educator and   teacher on the model of the Immaculate of Mary.

MOTTO:               With Mary, we serve Christ. It is written on our Logo or Emblem.

VISION:                To produce well formed, educated young men and women with good morals, practical skills and deep faith.

MISSION:             To promote Christian formation of the youth through in depth catechesis, by giving catechetical instructions, biblical church and the relevant human sciences. 

The Spiritual Of The Institute.

The spiritual of the Marian Brother is that, “A Marian Brother is a brother to all, always feeling and acting as a true brother, companion, confident and helper.


In the fields of apostolate, the Marian Brothers as most of them are teachers, they do teaching in schools and Institutions – the Brothers teach in Primary, Secondary, Technical/Vocational schools:- Teachers’ colleges and Pastoral Institutes. Besides teaching, the Brothers are also involves in other areas of apostolate.

There are brothers who are Motor Mechanics, Builders, Farmers, Carpenters, Medical Practitioners etc the brothers also do Parish Apostolate, Instructing Catechumens and Alter Servers, Organizing and helping Parish Youth Groups, leading prayers on Sunday when there is no Catechist or Priest present and/or when assigned to do so. Although the Institute of the Marian Brothers is lay in nature, a few of its members have been trained and ordained Priest to cater for the spiritual needs of the Institute.


  1. Senior four leavers, with a minimum of 6 Credit.
  2. Senior Six leavers with a minimum of 2 Principal Passes.
  3. Successful completion of Government Recognized Post Primary Schools (NTC’s, PTC’s, Technical Institutes, Farm Institutes and Commercial Colleges).
  4. Good recommendation from Parish Priest, Chaplains and Health of Institutions.
  5. Good Health (Physical and Mental Fitness).



1). Postulancy:             This lasts one year. It is done at Lodonga Mother House, Arua Diocese.

2). Novitiate:                 It lasts two entire years. It is also done at Lodonga mother House, Arua Diocese.

3). Scholasticate:         It lasts two entire years.



  1. Lodonga Mother House/Formation Community.
  2. Immaculate Heart S.S/Odokibo Farm Community.
  3. Ombaci Parish Community.
  4. Ediofe Upper Community.
  5. Generalate Community.
  6. Arivu Parish Community.
  7. Warr Community.
  8. Akaba Community.
  9. Gulu Cathedral Community.
  10. Kampala Nalukolongo Community.